berger fall gathering

November 8, 2009 , In: family , With: No Comments

we had our bi-annual berger family reunion at the convent in victoria.  I know that I am a little young to say this or feel this way but I really enjoy our family reunions and look forward to them.  we have them twice a year, often enough that the kids are really getting to know each other, but rarely enough that everyone really makes an effort to attend.  I love that I have a relationship with my cousins that attend (and we keep up in between on facebook) and that my kids have a realationship with their second cousins (I think that is really neat).  I love sitting around listening to my dad talk with his brothers and sisters about what life was like when they were growing up.  anyways, I just wanted to thank sister and uncle tim for always coordinating it and share my pictures with all my blog readers.  hope you enjoy!

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