friends come . . . and go

October 11, 2015 , In: friends, Waco , With: 2 Comments

so, I just checked and I have 980 friends on Facebook.  that’s almost 1,000 people who said they wanted to be my friend.  so, in the midst of all this, why do I feel so lonely, especially for girlfriends (statistically speaking, I would think close to half those friends are girls).  I feel somedays like I am surrounded by males, which I am as the only female in my household.  but more than that, lately I’ve been thinking on times when I’ve had lots of girl time and how I miss it now,

I could always count on alicia to watch beauty pageants with me, before she left waco for med school . . .

I could always count on katie to do her nails with me, before she took a promotion . . .

I could always count on sarah to come hang out at the pool, before she went off and got married . . .

I could always count on erin or kristin to share a drink and girl talk before they individually moved to DFW . . .

I miss my monday nights on the snarky couch with lara (ohio), heather (austin), mary beth (moving), and venee (moving).

I am not alone, God has brought some wonderful people into my life to fill these voids, the problem is putting myself out there, making those connections and relationships.  it’s hard work making friends and if I’m being honest, I would rather that my old friends had stayed with me and not because it’s easier, but because there’s history there . . .

. . . alicia, well, lets just say what happens in calvert stays in calvert,

. . . katie remembers my boys when they were cute, trying to flirt with the new babysitters,

. . . sarah stood by my side through the summer of 2012 and some of my darkest days,

. . . erin prayed for me last april when my health hung in a precarious balance and brought me chicken spaghetti to help me get better,

. . . kristin was always there to just hold my hand or hug me when I needed a good cry,

. . . lara taught me how to make friends in waco and got me out of my shell,

. . . heather took care of my boys when I needed it most and was one of the few to visit me when my health was so bleak last april,

. . . mary beth taught me all about bachelor and bachelorette and started a monday night watching ritual that I still have,

. . . venee has only been in my life for a short season, but she has made a lasting impression on me and her “best friend” michael.

I know that I am so lucky to have had these wonderful women in my life and with social media and cell phones, they are never very far away.

so, here’s to enjoying the history and strength I’ve gotten from these wonderful women and to the courage to put myself out there and make some new memories!

    • Susan C.
    • October 11, 2015

    I can relate so well. When we moved to Waco I left lifelong friends behind in Dallas. They are still my friends but 2 hours away. I had high hopes for new friends and made a few, but none of them are really close friends. You know, the kind you can talk to about anything with no judgement.

    • Lara
    • October 13, 2015

    I’m lonely for female friends in my life here, too. 🙁 what we had in Waco was a bit magical I think. Love you!

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