I got to lead pub church!!

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you maybe seriously questioning pub church now that I said they let me lead, so let me tell you the story of this happened.  mike, the guy who runs pub church sent out a message asking for someone to lead pub church this week.  my friend lara responded that she would lead, but she didn’t know what she would talk about, she said she might just share some worship music that she liked and she could pass around her ipod ear buds.  I responded that I had ipod speakers that I could bring and I would share a few of my favorite worship songs as well.

what lara and you don’t know is that music really touches me.  (I have even thought of starting a blog to share music that I like, but I have too many blogs already!)  so, in all my perfectionist glory, I picked out two songs that I wanted to share and found cool fonts to use for the titles and printed them up.  when we got to pub church, lara said she hadn’t really had a chance to prepare and I told her not to fear because I was prepared enough for both of us.

here is the first song that I shared:

Nickel and Dime
8 through 9
Copyright 1997 Lollipop Gang Publishing
There are days when my heart is heavy and I can’t go on
and there are times when it feels like the world is caving in
and pain is something that I know too well
the hurts of the world seem to be part of the ride
I wanna know your life when times are hard and heavy Lord
I wanna know you’re there when I’m all alone
I wanna look in your eyes and see the passion of home
when home seems to be just a figment of my imagination
there are days when I can’t put a finger on how I’m feelin’
and there are times I wanna crawl in a hole and refuse this day
but this is not what you have called me to
so teach me Lord to live this life just like you
repeat chorus
this song I heard for the first time at metro bible study in houston before I moved waco (so probably about 10 years ago).  when I bought the CD for this song, I learned that this song was actually written for a band member’s sister who was living with a debilitating muscular disease.  what really touches me about this song is that although it was written for someone who battles a “real disease”, I find that it really expresses how I feel in my battle with depression.  it was great to get the chance to share this with my pub church friends.  I will blog later this week about the other song I shared.  hopefully, I will get to lead/share again at pub church, I really liked it!
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    Wonderful song. Thank you for sharing it. How did pub church go?

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