I'm already late

I never used to be this person

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I'm already latereally and truly, I used to pride myself on getting places on time, early even.  but lately, there has been so much going on in my life that I find I’m always running late and it drives me CRAZY!  here’s how today played out:

this morning

4:40 am – my alarm goes off for me to get up and go to camp gladiator – I decide to sleep instead

5:30 to 6:30 am – keep snoozing, my alarm going off every 9 minutes

6:30 am – I hazily remember that I have waco social media breakfast this morning and calculate that if I get out of bed now, I will have 45 minutes to get ready (I need an hour) and not be too late (I should leave at 7 am, but I’m calculating a 7:15 leave time, because 7 am is not possible) – I hit snooze

6:39 am – my alarm goes off AGAIN and I make myself get in the shower – I mentally kick myself for putting deep conditioner in my hair last night (I could skip washing my hair if I hadn’t done that)

7:15 am – I am leaving the house, my wonderful hubby has found my waco social media bag and I am very grateful, because, lets be honest, if he hadn’t found it I would be leaving without it

7:35 am – I am all set up for my 7:30 meeting, amazed and relieved that no one else is here yet

this afternoon

1:30 pm – I am hard at work and thinking I need to be somewhere at 2 and grateful that my alarm on my watch goes off at 2 pm

3:25 pm – look at the clock and realize that I am not wearing my watch today – run out of my office to the 2 pm ribbon cutting for a friend

3:35 pm – get to the ribbon cutting just as the last people are leaving – think to myself, I never used to be late


6:55 pm – drop lee off at rehearsal and race to my 7 pm meeting (taking what I thought was a shortcut, but ended up being a dead end

7:02 pm – get to my meeting location and I am the only one there – while I am waiting for everyone else to get there, I read through some emails, finding one about the meeting at 6 pm, not 7 pm

so, now I’m sitting at starbucks waiting for lee to finish rehearsal and sharing my day with all y’all

can anyone relate to my day today?  does being late drive anyone else crazy or is it just me?

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