to the guy . . .

October 6, 2015 , In: kindness , With: No Comments

. . . who took my order at jimmy johns in hewitt this afternoon,

. . . and discussed our mutual love of fountain cherry coke,

. . . who was pleasant and personable with a perfect stranger,


it really brightened my day.

Not that my day was bad just busy and at 3 in the afternoon, I am driving through jimmy johns so that I can get a quick dinner for my youngest son, before picking him up from school.  what you didn’t know is . . .

. . . I hadn’t had a moment yet to shower after my 8:30 workout this morning,

. . . I had breakfast and dinner from starbucks out of convenience (and necessity),

. . . in my current stage of life I’m always running and never feeling like its enough.

I have never work in the food industry, but I imagine working the drive through at jimmy johns can be a pretty thankless job, but today, you made my day brighter, just by being you.  Thanks!

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